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MorningStar Miniature Schnauzers

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Tiffany Morning Star
December 22, 2002

Welcome!!! I am glad you dropped in and hope you enjoy seeing my babies and their babies! Tiffany MorningStar was my first white miniature schnauzer. She became my best friend and a driving force to breed for the best pets I could. Tiffany passed over the rainbow bridge March 2004 and I will miss her forever. She lives on in her puppies that are spread from California to Montana.
Her gr.-gr.-gr.-gr. grandaughter,Abigail, is going to a good pet home. Sad for me, because she is the last of the puppies to be born from Tiffany's legacy.

Tiffany's granddaughter and the last

All of my dogs are AKC registered. 
They have full dentation and scissor bites.
They are bred with heavy bones and proper working builds.  The coats are harsh, as they are meant to be. The coats do soften with pet clipping, and return just as harsh with little stripping.

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