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MorningStar Miniature Schnauzers

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Int. Ch. Faith's Pedigree
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     My puppies are home bred, born and raised.  I only have 2 litters a year, so they are special. They are well adjusted and socialized to people.  I have the tails docked and dew claws removed soon after birth, by my veterinarian.  The moms are pampered to the extreme, with good nutrition, supplements and health care.  I am present for each birth and really, don't leave the house for up to two weeks after they are delivered.  I put quite a bit of time into each one and they are definitely, pre-spoiled! 
     Each puppy is crate trained, house trained, (ok, mostly!), vaccinated as their age dictates, wormed every 2 weeks from birth and weaned on to puppy food that is easily obtainable from your vet or a pet supply store.  
They each come to you with their pedigree.   I do not crop ears and highly recommend you don't either, it HURTS!!  I do sell with spay and neuter contracts unless special arrangments are made with me and that is rare. 
     All new owners are screened to make sure each puppy has the best home possible.  I do require a contract that includes a genetic health guarantee and provisions for the safety and welfare of the puppy.  If you wish to make a deposit to hold that special one, it is half the purchase price and is NOT refundable.  Actual shipping costs are paid by the new owner and receipts of the costs are provided to you. 

Amora, Tiffany's great-great granddaughter
Bo's daughter

My Philosophy

Simply put, to breed better confirmation whites, without losing the pet qualities that began with Tiffany.

Rosie, Tiffany's great-great-great granddaughter
Bo's granddaughter

Abigail, 3 weeks old
Tiffany's great-great-great-great granddaughter and Bo's great granddaughter